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Stefan Marjanov

I am WordPress Expert, Web Developer and Designer, Freelancer with 12+ years of experience.

About Me

My name is Stefan, graduated Information Technology Engineer.

Web design and development are my areas of expertise. I've been creating websites because it's a job I love and what I do with passion. I had the opportunity to work alone, in a team, in multi-billion companies, for 200+ clients across the globe. Currently I am working as a freelancer, White Label as well as on my own projects.

Coding WP plugins Debugging WP sites Extending WP plugins/themes Woocommerce development More


The tech stack I love and use the most


12 years

Woocommerce, Gravity Forms, Yoast, Divi, Stripe API, Mailchimp API, coding custom plugins, speed optimization...


12 years

Minimum for every web developer. UI, responsive design, animations...


9 years

JavaScript and jQuery for DOM manipulation, AJAX, parsing, animations, UI...


9 years

With Bootstrap on my web journey since version 3 because of great grid system and community support.


8 years

Creating, editing, optimization of web graphic for websites, web shops, social media...


3 years

Core PHP because... WordPress


I am currently open to work...


  • Pay per hour weekly
  • White label
  • Invoices
  • Time track
  • Pay per hour monthly
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  • Pay per hour weekly
  • White label
  • Invoices
  • Time track
  • Pay per hour monthly
Hire Me


  • Pay monthly
  • Novi Sad, Serbia only
  • Work from home
  • Work from office
  • Small company size


  • Pay monthly
  • EU countries
  • Work from home
  • Work from office
  • Work visa


Some of my work (~1%) as a freelancer

  • All
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • VUE


Development, Design, SEO


Development, Design, SEO

WP REST Vue app

Development, Design

stefanmarjanov.com (v1)

Development, Design


eCommerce, Development, Design, SEO

PayPal Fee Calculator

Development, Design

Vue QR Code Generator

Development, Design


Development, Custom functions

Oscars Word Game

Mobile game front-end development


Mobile game front-end development


Mobile game front-end development

Gor som Ellie

Mobile game front-end development


eCommerce, Development, Design, SEO

Typing Speed Test

Development, Design

"KP Helper"

Chrome extension


Professional Experience & Education

Game Shop Srbija

Founder / WP Dev

WordPress Developer and Designer. Managing and maintaining the site and products, adding new features, improving the user experience. I also do market research, advertising, SEO, customer support.

Saznaj Novo Blog

Founder / Writer / WP Dev

Founder, WordPress Developer and Designer. Managing and maintaining the site, adding new features, improving the user experience and speed. I also do market research, advertising, SEO, writing...


USA Team CIO / Senior WP Dev

Leading one of two teams. Working on advanced WP tasks and with biggest clients. Extending functionalities of WP. Creating, debugging and fixing WordPress websites. Managing Apache and Nginx servers.

Vojvodina Meteo

WordPress Developer

Adding new features to the site (back-end and front-end). Developing custom WP plugins and maps to display meteorological data. Debugging and fixing bugs in WP and front-end.

Bambino Games

Medior Front-End Dev

I improved games interface so it can fit on modern mobile devices: both Android and iOS. Company has increase downloads from Play Store and App Store, as well as number of published games.

ProPet Recycling

Junior WordPress Dev

I increased company’s visibility and discoverability by creating modern website in WP. Also, they now have more online orders because of new system for online ordering vehicles that I created and implemented into existing one.


WordPress Dev

Creating, designing, maintaining and repairing WordPress sites. Coding custom functions and plugins for WordPress and Woocommerce. The tech stack I like the most is mostly a mix of REST API, Ajax, MySQL, PHP, JS, jQuery, HTML and CSS.

University of "Novi Sad"

Bachelor IT Engineer

Taking up specialization courses in PHP and Design to broaden skill set. Taking up electives in AI and robotics. I held WordPress courses for other students.


Certifications & Competitions

3rd place in Samsung app contest for best idea

Samsung 2012

Advanced WordPress

Template Monster 2021

Diploma in E-Commerce Web Development

Alison 2021

Diploma in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

Alison 2020

Angular 2 Basics

Alison 2020

Responsive User Interface with Bootstrap

Microsoft 2018

Facebook for Journalists Certificate

Facebook 2017

Advanced Google Analytics

Google 2017

Diploma in Google AdSense

Google 2017

Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing

Alison 2016

The Hour Of Code Certification

code.org 2015

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Google 2015

Web page development

Alison 2015

WordPress - Blogging on the Web

Alison 2015

Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals

Google 2014

Diploma in Web Design

Alison 2014

Google Analytics Platform Principles

Google 2014

2nd place in Samsung app contest for best design

Samsung 2013

Years of experience


Personal Projects

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Novi Sad, Serbia

Freelancing Remote

Working Hours

Monday - Sunday
11:00AM - 23:00PM (UTC+1)

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